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Hello Carl, you can remove it: MediaWiki:Sitenotice? UltraJohnny 11:47, 11 novembro 2009 (UTC)

Rhubella Marie[editar]

Hi! Rhubella Marie began with this wiki on Wikia as you may know. She said that it was such a mess on Wikia and she also wanted to move to .org, but now she can't create her account here because of the fact that original users on Wikia are not adapted in the member list here. She seems really desperated/frustrated because she want to get her account here and become a burocrat, who she "actually" originally was. I checked the username and she's right: I cannot create the user myself either. Can you change it so that she can make her account here and become burocrat? Thanks beforehand. From your fellow wikia-hater | CartoonistHenning 20:19, 14 novembro 2009 (UTC)