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About Me Emotiondump

I'm CartoonistHenning and I'm a drawer. I'm mostly active on dutch Uncyclopedia (watch left).
I'll come back and create a better userpage. I am burocrat on several wikis of Carlb, if you care about it :p If you speak English, but very advanced, come and write something for Simple English Uncyclopedia.
If you have any questions, please contact me here.

I'm CartoonistHenning, I'm a drawer, and I spend my spare time to help people. I help them by making funny articles, funny comics, entertaining them... However, I can't say that everyone likes my humour, I just offer it. The Uncyclopedia-concept is a way and opportunity for me to write about something I've ever liked to write about. It might be confusing, but I have two nationalities. I'm Norwegian and Belgian (that's why one can't permaban my IP), and can communicate in Dutch, Norwegian, English, French and German without using a translator. I've studied Latin for over 6 years.

You probably know me from UnMeta, the central place for international issues. I'm bureaucrat and/or sysop in 27 wikis, among others Oncyclopedia, Ikkepedia and Illogicopedias in other languages. Despite my activity on several wikis, I'm not able to resolve serverproblems. I neither have a kind of "staff" or "steward" privilege.

As you maybe already know, I'm heavily against Wikia's philosophy. I don't want to let it happen that this wiki will ever join that commercial piece of shit.

If you have any questions, please contact me here.